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DIY hot water under floor heater

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Ondol is Korean under floor heating technology which have been used since thousands of years ago. Ondol, also called gudeul, in Korean traditional architecture, is under floor heating which uses direct heat transfer from wood smoke to the underside of a thick masonry floor. In modern usage it refers to any type of underfloor heating, or a hotel or sleeping room in Korean. Korean Ondol is the best heating system in the world  because it make feet. That why Korean proud of Korean Ondol.


Now, AOG SYSTEM, with DIY Ondol heater which the hot water is used to warm the floor will provide to you the best heating products as Korean Ondol.

DIY Ondol heater which hot water heating system is providing comfortable sleeping places.

This is not full under floor heating system. On the spring or autum when you want the smaller  area heating it is a good option to you.

DIY Ondol heater can installing from available parts. With hot water is boiled by boiler will directly into the panels that why you have warmness palaces without any worry about electromagnetic waves.

The boiler consumption power often about 800-1500W. But with panels system heat efficiency of the heater is maximazed however that will come down 500W while not lower temperature. The boiler will be turn off if the system temperature equal by temperature you setted and turn on again later so repeat this cycle.

With directly boil method that the heater minimize heat loss. The hot water is pumped circulation so system temperature will be controled.

With BLDC pump technology to noiseless.

By use smart control system to boil faster while temperature is controled.

Warning when the water lower.

Turn off still system temperature is or higher than your setting

The temperature will be controled under your setting

Warning when boiler is inclined.

System will stop if there are any obstacles.

 **This product is recommended for those who include:
  -A person who needs a warm spot.
  -A person who needs hot water Ondol heating free from electromagnetic waves.
  -A pregnant woman who gets postnatal care.
  -A person who needs Ondol heating only for necessary parts.
  -A person who needs partial heating.

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