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DIY Floor heating system

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  • Standards/CertificatePatent, Environmental Management System ISO14001:2004 , Quality Management System ISO9001-2000
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Product Detail Information

DIY Ondol heater for home use that everyone can assemble and construct.

DIY Ondol heater for home use

Free of electromagnetic wave, high in energy efficiency, thermal treatment effects - General Ondol, the traditional heating system


Product Description

DIY “Ondol heater for home use" is a self-assembly hot water heater system where it can be installed partial area in the room. Ondol heater heats the floor offering pleasant warmth.

- Partial installation enabled

- Easy assembly, easy temperature control

- Free of electromagnetic wave; customizable to individual needs realizing the Korean traditional Ondol

- Control system enabling easy temperature control and operation

Self-assembly hot water Ondol with 100% free of electromagnetic wave



- Anyone can easily install Ondol Heater / Ondol heating product geared to health and energy saving

- 9-12 hour timer

- Easy to adjust temperature by push buttons

- Quick hot water heating by two-line circulation pipe

- Temperature indication LED and turn-off function

- Water refill lamp and alarm

It has been reported that excessive exposure to electromagnetic wave may cause disorders of blood circulatory system, damage to gene, leukemia, brain tumor or breast cancer.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare had announced the guidelines to prevent risks of electromagnetic waves in 1996.

According to this Guidelines, pregnant woman should limit the use of computer for less than 20 hours a week, use of electric blanket or heater should be suppressed, a distance of at least 60 cm from a monitor should be kept, use of mobile phone should be kept as short as possible and electric products should be unplugged after use.

Energy saving by 30-40% proven by the test by the national test institute

15mm General Ondol

AOG SYSTEM achieving the world best in energy saving

General Ondol, easy to install by anyone, the next generation self-assembly hot water panel

- suitable for container house, officetel, accommodation, partial area heating- Self-assembly hot water panel for easy installation by anyone- two-line Ondol heating system for quick heating

- Light and compact 15mm thickness self-assembly Ondol for easy installation - Hot water Ondol system realizing customers' requirements- Ultra energy saving Ondol heating system by left & right simultaneous vain heating

Patented two-line/vain heating method

Healthy water heating system for studio/officetel

Solar Ondol Heating System (Balcony Type for Individual Apartment)

AOG SYSTEM, the world best energy efficiency

Solar Ondol Heater realizing free heating

- Heating cost saving in no city-gas areas

- Control system for easy temperature control and operation

- Suitable for individual heating of officetel, studio, motel

- Low price, easy to install

- 4-season use throughout the year (connectable with water heater system)

- Savings in heating cost by solar panel installed at veranda for indoor heating

- The Ondol heating product geared to health and energy saving

- Installation for partial heating enabled

- Free of electromagnetic wave realizing the traditional Ondol under-floor heating system

- High efficiency heating with the next generation hot water panel of General Ondol (double-line and vain heating)

- Descaler to prevent impaired heating efficiency by scale over time

Electric Boiler

This is a high frequency induction heating system which has upgraded the existing heating system to a higher level.

There is no smoke pipe with the high frequency induction heating system, and as a result risk of fire or explosion and smoke/soot is zero because there is no oil or gas leakage through the smoke pipe.

It has longer life and high heat efficiency than the existing boilers ensuring optimized heating performance.


.Economy: No heat loss through ventilation; use of SHH (optimized energy efficiency) for low energy consumption and the highest efficiency

Significant savings in installation and fuel costs compared to the existing products

.Safety: Free of toxic gas; free of risks of fire, gas leak or explosion; free of electromagnetic wave

Pleasant environment: The high frequency induction heating system without the need of combustion ensures no oxygen consumption, no air pollution, hot water supply for 24 hours a day, and consistent indoor temperature during heating.

. Cleanness: No soot by combustion, no dust, no ashes, no smell, no pollution, no noise

. Convenience: Easy to install with the existing heating pipe; each to use; no need to fill fuel.

scaler remover

Rusty water inside the pipe is rotated by the special metallic galvanized screw which increases the water pressure and maximizes the ionization effect, and travel distance of pure ionized water is significantly prolonged to prevent scale from recurring inside the remote pipe. This eco-friendly drinking water processer works not by chemical reactions, but by the metal ion reaction.


Rust (scale) Decomposition & Breaking Test

Tested for 150 days

Input of rusty water, output of ion activated water

Characteristics and Effects

1. Increased pressure and ionization by the screw rotation method

2. Use of no chemical, harmless to human

3. Zero maintenance cost after initial installation (one installation with a 15 year service life)

4. Reduction in water pressure prevented - increase in heat efficiency

5. Converting scales inside the pipe into magnetite (Fe3O4) - prolonged pipe life

6. Money saving - no need to replace pipe

7. Removing rust inside the pipe - removing bacillary microbe

8. Removing scales - better water taste

9. Preventing and treating atopic skins

10. Skin care effects for woman

11. Removal of smell of metal and lime from water

CaCO₃+CO2 + H2O → Ca(HCO3)2

(scale)+(free CO2)+(water) → (Calcium bicarbonate)

Free CO2 decomposes rust (scale).

Calcium bicarbonate →solubility increases and as a result it is re-purified.

Before installation /10 months after installation /18 months after installation


Automatic heating control system

You may select heating temperature for each room to suit individual characteristics of the users and at the same time you can save 30% of energy on average.


Installation case for area of 108.9m2

Master temperature controller (in the living room)/Sub-controller (room 1 - 7)/Valve Control (under the sink)/ Electronic driving unit

Wire/wireless room temperature, flow control, room control system

Living room, Master bedroom, bedroom 1, bedroom 2

Controller Return pipe Supply pipe

AC-24V Valve flow driver (actual flow control)

20mm flow control valve

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