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Thick Ondol Heater for Home Use

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  • Standards/CertificatePatent, Environmental Management System ISO14001:2004 , Quality Management System ISO9001-2000
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  • South Korea South Korea
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15mm-thick Ondol heater for home use.(General ondol)

The Ondol heater of DIY product making it possible for everyone to use after assembling as a partial heating apparatus. Electric heater panel set/Usage : Floor heating supplies

Products : OJ-1785, 1717, 2585, 3485, 2517, 3417, 2525, 3425, 3434, 2542, 3442


* The best economy and efficiency.

Two line hot water circulating structure and the full automatic controller system realized by the highest technology, which are very economical by achieving the highest efficiency even with low electric power.

* Comfortable environment free from electromagnetic waves.

The heating by hot water Ondol heating, which contributes to the realization of a comfortable living environment free from electromagnetic waves.

* Eco-friendliness(Natural environment)

The product the most fit for a modern trend as an eco-friendly (natural environment)product suitable for well-being culture with neither oil price increase nor a toxic gas by using electricity, clean energy.

* Easy to assemble.
Everybody can assemble the product thanks to easy assembly.

* Energy conservation, low price.